Case Study #1: Procrastinator to Dream Maker

After months of spending all his time working on big innovation projects for other people, my client signed up for the Life Purpose Map Intensive. He was getting tons of recognition at his current job but he felt bored and wasn’t sure why.

During our sessions, it became clear that he was staying there because it felt safe, but it was not his dream job. What he really wanted was to travel the world as a documentary filmmaker, sharing the stories of those daring to use their voice in dangerous places.

After our sessions, he felt so motivated and laser-focused on his purpose, he wrote a lengthy, detailed pitch for a TV travel series he’d been dreaming of doing. He also starting contacting people he thought might want to work on it with him. He planned out how to rent his house for income. He told me that he was so in-the-zone, he didn’t even go out to enjoy our first hot and sunny weekend of the year: he worked straight through. Next, on my suggestion, he pursued a mentorship with one of the top talents in the business.

As a result of our sessions, he was also able to make many major decisions and take huge steps toward his life purpose. He raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter for his TV series, flew to Burma and produced a pilot film. Last time I checked he was still moving forward with it full on.

When you know your “real story” of who you are and what you’re here to do, it gets a lot easier to break through others negative talk about what you can and can’t do. Once you know that the gut feelings you’ve been getting telling you to do something are absolutely right and will lead to great things, it can give you the courage to go for it!

Case Study #2: From Paralyzed to On-Purpose

My client was a young but accomplished lawyer with her own practice. But she didn’t want to be a lawyer. Her dream was to work with indigenous people in South America, educating them on their rights around mining with regard to their health and land.

She had taken a major step toward this dream (left a high-paying job with a big firm) then became paralyzed with fear and indecision. The grants weren’t coming through. People weren’t returning her calls.

During our sessions, I was able to show her why this was happening and how she could shift it. Also, her Life Purpose Map showed (reflected in her Life Story) that this was definitely her Life Purpose.

After our sessions, she developed laser focus. She shifted all her energy from her private practice (which she had been using as a safety net) to the new project. The following week, the money for the project started showing up and people were returning her calls. She partnered with someone who was a giant in the field—he had tons of high-level contacts. It was clear they shared a similar vision, with lots of potential.

Soooo, fast forward to now. She has built a credible NGO with a superstar board of directors. She has travelled to South America multiple times, visiting villages and meeting country presidents and UN officials. Before her first year was out, she had delivered her first TEDx talk on her work there. And she continues to inspire me, whenever we have a session, with the way she has committed herself to making her vision a reality.

I won’t lie and say it was easy for her. Of course she had to deal with all kinds of stuff, and that meant processing fear on a regular basis. But when you have the tools–and actually use them!–most things are possible.

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