There have been so many fun results from my session with Shawn last week. New opportunities are showing up. I’m going to be co-writing an article with someone. I’ve begun drawing again, and I’m using it to deliver an important presentation I have coming up. I’m feeling more confident and sure of myself. I have a new relationship with my inner self. The biggest difference for me with Shawn was that she was channelling my own spirit rather than someone else. This helped me hear what I needed to hear in language I could understand. And the biggest value was the tools she gave me, and knowing she would be following up on the homework she assigned to me, motivated me to do it. Good thing I did, because that’s where all the results came from!

Iryna Molodecky

Creativity Professor & Facilitator

For 8 years I’ve been stressed, thinking I went backwards. Now I can see how it all fits together. Shawn gave me clarity. She showed me that we all have a unique toolbox, but we don’t understand what the tools are or what to do with them. Now I know what they are, what they do and where I got them from. How can you build a house if you don’t even know what tools you have and how to use them? Now that I know, I feel happy and relieved.

Sonia Molodecky

LLB, President, Equilibria

I spent five years searching for what Shawn told me in 2 hours—the problem I solve for people. This will help me restructure my business. She also verified things I already knew about myself but couldn’t quite put together. I have a rational explanation for everything, but this process was like magic.

Miriam Bosilijevac

Process and Project Management Consultant

Shawn has blown my mind with her deep insight and ability to help me see my own story in a compelling and deep way. Curious. Insightful. Caring. Shawn makes it look easy. I can’t believe I was struggling on my own.

Michael Sahota

Catalyst, Author, Facilitator and Founder , Agilitrix

What a rush it is when Shawn, after listening to your life struggles and stories, tells you about your purpose in life. It makes complete sense…and all seems to fall into place. And I didn’t even need to change careers. I applied what I learned to my current job and now I’m loving my job again.

Ximena Gonzales

Food Quality Manager

One of the things I really appreciated about my session with Shawn is the extra care and attention she put into it. She also took special time to make sure to check in before and after to see how I was doing. By helping to identify my roadblocks and what I need to get through them, it brought me deep insights and shifts, and much needed clarity on what I need to take the next step in my journey. It was a powerfully moving session that brought me exactly what I needed by meeting me where I am at.

Maya Nadeem

Artist, Healer

Shawn helped me get away from the career checklist to something deeper, from the point of view of my authentic self rather than what society asks us to do/what we’ve been trained to think of as success. I’ve always felt on the cusp of figuring out my purpose but now I know who I am and what I’m here to do…and that IS success. I also know where I need to go and what I need to do to live my purpose. She even gave me the tools I need to do it. Finally, she helped me explore things I was afraid to think about and feel the feelings associated with those things, so I could understand where they come from and why.

Lindsey Vodarek

Producer & Social PR Strategist

Just one week after our session I could talk for three hours about all the ways I see the connections to what we did together. The main value was the confirmation and calm that came out of talking with Shawn, a marked difference from the anxiety I usually feel. There was a feeling that I was in the presence of something deeply true and clear. Also the simplicity of my homework grounded me, like this is all YOU need to take care of, so I could finally let go of trying so hard. I feel this is the turning point for me.

Marion Langford

Teacher, Facilitator

Shawn gave me clarity. Everything she said resonated really deeply. It felt like truth. And I know the tools she gave me are going to help me. I also really appreciated that the session felt safe and comfortable. I’ve already referred someone else I know to go and see her.

Sarah Vermunt

Career Coach

Shawn’s like the focus on a camera; she gave me so much clarity. I’m an initiator who usually finds the answers I need myself, but our work together was one of the most insightful experiences I’ve had. Crystallized a lot of things. It gave me more confidence to pursue this [my purpose]—to not be someone who just dabbles in things but one who actually goes out and does something.

Barnabe Geis

Documentary Filmmaker & Communications Architect, Centre for Social Innovation

I felt an intense, powerful shift within days of my session with Shawn. I used the tools she gave me, and people started inventing things for me to help them with (and pay me for!). I’ve signed up for expensive programs where I learned new things every day but after the initial high, life was still a rollercoaster. With Shawn it feels more like an escalator! I can’t say enough about the value of Shawn being able to tell me the exact steps I need to take to get results, and why they matter. She also helped me see and hear the things I needed to heal and move forward. I consider myself an evolved, self-aware person, but I just wasn’t seeing why I was still stuck. I now have a technique I use every day to listen to myself and navigate fear. As if that weren’t enough, my business vision is so clear to me now. What Shawn gave me was priceless.

Nadine Prada

Artist & Entrepreneur

I was about to head back overseas for work, but I wasn’t feeling excited about it. Almost immediately after our session, I felt a huge energetic shift. Everything she said rang true and resonated with me. The next day, I felt limitless, like the world’s my playground. I knew where to focus my energy and what to do to make things work for me. I began being kinder to myself and feeling happier. Shawn gave me specific tools to reconnect with my inner self and my truth. She showed me that understanding is the key to everything. Now that I am more aware of why I’m doing things, I’m making decisions that will create better results for me. The session was really helpful. I already signed up for a second one!

N. M.

“It’s illuminating: like you shone a light on the map of my life, on what I needed to see, and then you connected me with the part of myself that has the knowing to get there. You literally put your finger on exactly where I need to go from here.”

Marcela Crowe

Farm Business Consultant

Before our session, the faucet of ideas was dripping. Now, it’s free flowing! It’s like I was looking in this direction at all these problems, and you just turned me to look in a slightly different direction where I could see all the answers. You helped me rediscover why I wanted to start this business in the first place. I think you should call yourself a business therapist, because you’ve given me more insight on my self and into my business—which is a part of me—than anybody else.

Sam Crowther

Experiential Artist and Serial Entrepreneur

Shawn is perceptive and easy to open up to. I deeply valued her insights into my personality—her ability to see my strengths and core characteristics. She challenged and pushed me to be mindful of my feelings and reactions, yet working with her was a pleasure. I’ve been trying to figure out how to better take care of myself for quite a long time and Shawn gave me the tools, strategy and structure to do that.

Emma Grace

Administrator/Organizer, M.A. International Relations

My relationships began to shift almost immediately after our session. Shawn helped me step back to see the bigger picture in terms of my patterns and other patterns in my relationships. I was able to see it, feel it and understand it for the first time, and it was life changing. Also, with my business, everything was murky but now it’s clear. I have a clear intention of what I want to do and it’s already manifesting. I’ve been using the tools she gave me, and I’m receiving clear evidence that they are working. I’m so grateful I did this session.

Hoann Ignacio

Retail Entrepreneur, Dog Groomer

In our 3-hour session, Shawn helped me see my pattern—the core of what I was grappling with—and what steps I could take to start shifting that pattern, which has been holding me back from going out into the world to share my vision of a more holistic model of education. She also gave me the tools I needed to do that. What was amazing is that they were tools I already knew and felt drawn to use but hadn’t yet integrated into my life. Now I have a better idea of how and why to use them.


Visionary, Teacher & Founder, Holistic Public School/New Model of Education

You know things about yourself and you ask questions but Shawn can see those things from a big-picture angle and show you what she sees. She’s able to gently tap into and emotionally interpret things that were crucial to your survival that help explain who you are and why you do what you do—and bring you back to yourself. My session with her was comforting, eye-opening and life-shifting. At the end you’ll have a different view of your life. How you do things and why you do them. And it will shift the way you do things. And it’s all encompassing—not just your job, but your life. It has to be, in order to get what you truly want.

Natalie Fasan

Architect and Project Manager

So grateful for this session. It opened up my eyes to be honest with myself about the things I need to change to get where I want. It was a big way of reconfirming all the small messages I kept getting from people that I was brushing off. This time I was able to hear it, loud and clear, and yet Shawn shared it in a gentle, direct way.

Geron Lee, Professional Administrator, First Capital

I had a brilliant coaching session with Shawn, who now officially knows me better than anyone. She cuts to the heart in two hours in a safe and conducive manner that allows you to see the core of the issue and resolve it. Like a good martini, I feel shaken and stirred. Plus I’m armed with implementable tools! I can see the bigger picture now, which I was unable to piece together by myself. My brother and I are starting a business together and I already know I’m going to talk him into doing this process with Shawn. It will create the foundation we need to build something great together.”

Ana Matic

Creative Director, Matica & NC3 Co-Founder

Shawn helped me uncover why certain things are important to me by looking at formative experiences. We have experiences that we may not think are important, or that we’re ashamed of, but they shape how we operate. These insights helped me feel happier, more fulfilled and more aware. If you’re feeling lost or confused this process can clarify things; send you off in the right direction.

Joel Desamero

Technical Director, Entrepreneur

Thank you Shawn Phelps! I have to say, if it wasn’t for your guidance, I’m not sure I would have made it this far. Thank you for believing in me.

Matt King

Founder, Heroes in Black (Making Dreams Come True for Homeless Youth)

Three words about my experience with Shawn: expansive, intuitive, centering. If you are stuck or feel you keep going over “What should I do with my life,” two hours with Shawn will blow you wide open and help you see possibilities you could not imagine…

Heather Briggs

Founder, Briggs Strategy

The process was deep and sometimes emotional but it brought clarity. She helped me tap into understanding my gifts. Her Life Purpose Roadmap process showed me that what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful. It also helps you look at parts of yourself you may not want to look at in a safe and constructive way. Shawn is awesome!

Nancy Mayer

Founder, Powerplay Productivity Solutions

Shawn helped me see my pattern—the core of what I was grappling with—and what steps I could take to start shifting that pattern, which has been holding me back from going out into the world to share my vision. She also gave me the tools I needed to do that. What was amazing is that they were tools I already knew and felt drawn to use but hadn’t yet integrated into my life. Now I have a better idea of how and why to use them. This session was really helpful for me.


Teacher & Founder, Holistic Model of Education