What is this vow about?

You’ve probably made a vow to someone at some point—usually of the “I’ll love you forever” variety—that didn’t quite work out as planned, because…life. This vow’s a little different, because it’s to your Self, which is actually the most important relationship in your life, in good part because you can’t leave. You’re stuck with yourself. :)

But, if you wanna know the unvarnished truth, this is basically a one-page snapshot of all the different affirmations I’ve learned over the past two decades that I’ve noticed have a real life-shifting impact for myself and others.

I get that reading this out loud feels cheesy, but it’s worth it because it works. Words have power. Saying them out loud is like casting a magic spell for yourself, and who doesn’t need more good juju in their lives? Anyway, I love simple tools that work. Don’t you?

Try it, and see how you feel after you read it.

Don’t think about it… Just try it.

Put your hand on your heart and say the following out loud.


  • blaze my own trail, guided by my Inner Compass.
  • feel happy, even if that’s not what I’m used to.
  • be wealthy and good at it, so I can support myself and others.
  • love ALL parts of my Self.
  • make a daily effort to connect with, and trust, my Self and my truth.
  • disappoint others if it means honouring my Self.
  • believe in my Self, no matter what.
  • not take anything personally; what others do tells me about them, not me.
  • take accountability for my health, happiness and success.
  • celebrate where I am now and how far I’ve come.
  • create and practice daily habits and systems that support my highest good.
  • enjoy my daily tasks, because joy sets the foundation for my success.
  • practice integrity, authenticity and excellence, because it feels good.
  • practice gratitude, even when things are hard.
  • forgive myself for all mistakes; they’re just a learning tool.
  • say kind things to my Self every day.
  • believe that I exist for a reason, and I have important gifts to share with this world.
  • believe that I belong wherever I go, because I’m Life Incarnated, just like everyone else.
  • believe that my ideas and opinions are as valid as anyone else’s.
  • believe that Life is on my side and conspiring to make all my dreams come true.
  • let go of playing the victim.
  • let go of pursuing others’ approval.
  • let go of any need to judge, criticize or punish myself.
  • let go of indulging self pity or other distractions that don’t move me forward.
  • let go of everything and everyone that doesn’t support my highest good.
  • have the courage to ask for what I want, because that’s the only way I’ll get it.
  • pursue my highest dreams, because I know it will expand who I am, and that’s why I’m here.
  • become a living example that a life of joy, magic and abundance is possible, and a really good thing for everyone.


  • settle for mediocrity, or a life that doesn’t feel great for me.


  • my results are a feedback loop of my thoughts, beliefs, actions, focus, commitment, and how true I am being to my Self, and I will use this feedback to continuously adjust my course.


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