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If you feel driven to continuously expand your capacity to do cool stuff in a way that feels good—but something’s holding you back from your “next level”—then you’ve landed in the right place.

For all of us, life is meant to flow like a river, but that river gets blocked with hidden boulders that make it feel more like a struggle.

After working with me, my clients are able to gain incredible momentum in a focused direction with deep self trust, because they are now aligned with who they are, what they’re doing and why. This opens up new opportunities and possibilities that help them live their potential faster. After I help them remove those boulders, their life, career and relationships flow freely, naturally and powerfully forward.

Here’s the thing. You can do all the affirmations you want. You can set your intentions and create goals from that. You can tell yourself positive things. BUT every single time you try to step up to a “new level” you will hit what author Gay Hendricks calls your “upper limits”. What this means is that subconscious parts of you will resist and try to hold you back, in an effort to “protect you” from change (which is seen by the primitive part of your brain, the amygdala, as a threat).

These parts need to be identified, acknowledged, supported and integrated, otherwise you’re going to experience a whole lotta external roadblocks (annoying problems) and internal roadblocks (emotional flooding–anxiety, overwhelm, doubt, fear, frustration etc.). That’s where I come in.

Why I’m an Expert in Helping You

Like you, I’ve always felt a deep inner calling to live my highest potential. But because my childhood formative experiences included complex repetitive abuse and dysfunction, I began my life with more boulders in my river than most people.

I now know that this was a gift on my personal Hero’s Journey (we’re all on a Hero’s Journey), because it sent me on an intensive lifelong journey to uncover, research and test every shortcut I could find to help me understand how to build a successful blueprint for living your life purpose from the foundations up, in the most powerful but efficient ways possible. To do this, I’ve spent my life studying the greatest leaders in our world (business, spiritual, psychological, political) and implemented everything I’ve learned from them. I’ve also travelled to over 25 countries, living with and learning from gurus and great teachers and leaders (enlightened monks in Thailand, a powerful political leader and teacher in South Africa, a Government-General’s award-winning teacher in Ottawa, and more.) I also spent seven months in Asia studying the roots of happiness and published a book about what I learned.

On my own journey of leadership and creation, I’ve been a senior editor at a national business magazine, a college teacher, a corporate facilitator, a brand storyteller. I founded and ran a children’s education charity that built schools and toilets for over 400 children in Laos and India. I ran an indie music festival. And I self published the above-mentioned book Help Me, Asia.

But just like you, I’ve had to constantly break through those subconscious parts of myself that resist change, that don’t feel ready to operate at that “next level”. To do that, I’ve spent my last two decades extensively researching shortcuts and practicing them for myself. I’ve spent thousands of dollars going to conferences and intensive retreats where I’ve faced my deepest fears (sang and danced in front of 200 people, walked on coals, experienced “death” via being choked till I passed out, climbed 120-foot pole and stood on top of it, and many more crazy transformative experiences). The main thing I learned is that the fastest shortcut is to connect deeply with ourself, because all the answers are there inside of us–never outside of ourself. So I’ve learned how to most effectively help you do that for myself and others.

To do that I’ve honed my natural-born gift as a highly developed intuitive/empath/channel via over 15 years of daily meditation (sometimes hours a day), alongside my proven 4-part process that I’ve used to help hundreds of leaders and creators over the past five years.

  1. I connect you with that part of yourself that knows why you’re here (your purpose) and exactly what you need to do next to make cool shit happen at your “next level”. I call it your True Self. We are all “guided from the inside” with gut feelings and intuition, we just need help learning how to connect with and trust that. I show you how to do this for yourself.
  2. We harness the power of stories. What makes successful people successful is their rock-solid understanding of who they are, which comes from their story. You’ll learn how your life story shaped you and your life purpose, which builds a solid foundation for your inner identity and confidence. We’ll also identify stories you are telling yourself that don’t serve you—we’ll reframe old stories that are holding you back.
  3. I help you move through confusing, uncomfortable emotions by helping you identify and integrate the subconscious parts of yourself that are generating those emotions, so you can feel excited and focused again as quickly as possible. A lot of your creative energy can get bunged up here. There are parts of us that will always resist and push back against change or growth. We need to support those parts. Once we learn to do that, we become unstoppable.
  4. I teach you how to get in charge of creating better outcomes for yourself in all areas of your life (using simple, proven tools and exercises I’ve given to clients for years now, with amazing results). This creates a trackable momentum that helps you go forward with confidence.

So if you’d like a shortcut to identifying and shifting what’s really in your way, and reconnecting powerful with your own Inner Guidance/True Self, so you can continue rocking your life as your badass self, drop me a line. No matter how great we are at helping others, we can never see our own blindspots. Hence the term: “blindspots”. ;)  Learn more about working with me.

I can help you get “there” faster.


Who I Am

I’m Shawn Phelps. Breakthrough Intuitive Advisor and Shortcut/Person-who-can-quickly-know-you-better-than-yourself, so you can get where you want to go faster.

I help creators, leaders and entrepreneurial souls breakthrough the subconscious parts of themselves that hold them back + develop rock solid trust in themselves and what they’re here to share, so they can create cool stuff at their next level.

I have both a gift (powerful intuitive) and a proven 4-part process, developed while working with hundreds of people over the past five years, that always leads to results (because I’m all about results), so they can express their highest potential in this world.

I’m also into kick-ass coffee and salsa/bachata dancing, and living life to fullest, because no one gets out of here alive, you know? If you haven’t built fun and joy into your path yet, I’m gonna help you change that!

For those who are into cred, I’ve done some cool shit in my life: I was a senior editor at Financial Post Business magazine, a college teacher, a corporate workshop leader teaching business communications, a brand storyteller, founder of a successful indie music festival and director of my own children’s education charity, which built schools and toilets that helped over 400 children in Laos and India. I’m also a published author, travel junkie, life experimenter, urban gardener, and I make a mean mohito slushy.

I’m also human, like you, with my own issues that I’m still integrating. For example, I’m on the introvert spectrum with social anxiety. We are all perfectly imperfect, and I believe that part of rocking our lives is embracing all of who we are.

Want more details?

Here’s the lowdown on me so far…(and I’m just getting started!)








  • author (a backpacking self-discovery travel memoir called Help Me, Asia) and award-winning magazine profile writer
  • cultural explorer (I’ve travelled through almost 30 countries. Currently in mad love with: Merida, Mexico!)
  • lifelong student of leaders who practice profound self trust and live life on their own terms (Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Khoarai Khoarai and more) and, as I mentioned in “My Why” section, I’ve tried my hand at leadership myself running my own children’s charity, and teaching and facilitating.
  • life experimenter (I “donated” one year of my life to community volunteer work; attempted to grow a “food forest” farm on a 2-acre homestead; grew vegetables on my condo balcony; seriously flirted with being a pastry chef; spent thousands on intensive workshops where I faced fears like walking on coals; and read hundreds of books on how our psyche is formed + how the Universe was formed + the works of great leaders, spiritual masters and entrepreneurs.)
  • story explorer (My background as a magazine profile writer and business magazine editor + years of reading the works of literary masters like Don DeLillo and Margaret Atwood, led to profound insights into how our own characters are formed, the Hero’s Journey we go on, our character arcs and so on (I also explored Joseph Campbell’s work around this).
  • spiritual explorer (I’ve meditated with monks and nuns throughout SEAsia; completed multiple 10-day meditation retreats (had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in one of them in 2004); invested 15 years into developing the ability (via daily meditation and other practices) to hold a powerful container of presence/consciousness that makes it possible to untangle shadow parts of a psyche and clear away blocks)
  • AND MEDIUM (I was born with the ability to feel/connect with spirits. No, I can’t “see dead people”. That said, I can connect with them when it’s helpful for someone’s journey, but it’s not the focus of my work. My special thing is that I channel guidance from your own soul/spirit.



How you’ll feel after I help you

My mission with my work is to teach you how to radically trust yourself by helping you identify and integrate the subconscious parts of you that are in the way of that. Once you do that, a kind of magic happens. Being connected to who you really ARE feels empowering; it feels good. As you would expect, right? Some other things you’ll probably feel… (click on the tab below)

How You'll Feel

  1. EXPANDED: The best part of working with me is that it expands who you ARE, so more things become possible for you. You’re still “YOU”, but an expanded version, with less limitations. This expansiveness feels really good—hopeful, because you can see how your life can just keep getting better. For example, I’m 45, and my life has been getting better every year for the past 15 years, since I started doing my own inner work to release everything in the way of aligning with my Self.
  2. RELIEVED: The worst part of having a problem is not knowing how to solve it. Since I show you the root cause of the problem + help you make some immediate shifts around it + provide simple homework that will solve it so long as you do it….yeah, there is no reason not to feel relieved!
  3. EXCITED: After we find the problem and solution we can move on to the fun stuff of upcoming doorways of possibility that will feel great, intentionally creating new doorways of possibility, and building energetic momentum. When you do things that are aligned with who you are, energy moves to support you quickly, and it’s exciting.
  4. JOYFUL: Often, after completing my one-week intensive, my clients experience flashes of joy, because their True Self feels acknowledged and begins to feel hopeful that you’re actually going to align your life with things that genuinely make you happy; with who you ARE. And why the hell wouldn’t you, now that you know you can?
  5. FOCUSED/DECISIVE: Since you’ll know exactly what you have to do to move powerfully in the direction of your happiness and highest potential, it’s a lot easier to make decisions and move forward.



The results of working with me

The main result of working with me is you can stop wasting time trying to figure stuff out and direct all your energy toward taking action. You’ll have all the information and tools you need to create momentum in the direction of your purpose and potential—though actually taking that action will still depend on you!

All of the world’s most well known leaders and entrepreneurs, from Oprah and Richard Branson to the Dalai Lama, deeply trust themselves. They are not thrown off by failures, others’ opinions, rejection or judgments. And they don’t try to build their success by copying someone else’s model.

They use their Inner Compass (their True Self) to guide them on their path, and they have powerful momentum because all parts of them are aligned with this compass.

What would it feel like if you could trust yourself at this level?

Here’s what it feels like for my clients.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.05.10 PM


Before our sessions, I had let go of my full-time job because I knew I needed a change, but quickly started feeling directionless and overwhelmed. After working with you, I’m clear on who I am and what I want (and unapologetic about it!). I understand my story, which helped me rewrite my website in a way that feels more “me.” But more importantly, the trust you helped me develop in life and myself led to this new job that is super aligned and provides money, meaning, and freedom. Now with these pieces in place, I’m excited and confident to build my coaching and facilitating business on the side. Thank you for showing me that life is a playground full of opportunities, where I can just enjoy being me. Gloria Eid

Career Coach & Communication Strategist

I was burnt out and feeling stuck and wanted to feel at ease and happy. I’ve worked with Shawn for several months now and the result of being committed and doing the work has been amazing. I let go of my corporate job, received the biggest financial contract of my career, started painting again, and overall I feel happier and more at ease in my body than ever before. Working with Shawn has been one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself. Gwen Elliot

Media Strategist + Creator of Your Big Break Podcast



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