Hi, I’m Shawn.

I’m an intuitive guide who works with motivated visionaries.

I help my international clients avoid wasting time, money & energy going down the wrong paths by showing them the big picture of where they are on their life journey + what they need to do next to move in the direction of their purpose and highest potential.

I also show them exactly what they aren’t seeing—about themselves, others and their current situation—that they need to see, to get where they really want to go (and I excel at  helping them get clear on where that is!). Read what they have to say about me here.

But wait. Back up. Intuitive guide? What the hell does that mean?

Well, as you tell me stories that have an emotional charge I tune into your energy, which allows me to download information from your True Self about your life journey. This may sound odd, but it’s not unlike using a radio dial to tune into a particular frequency.

I can tell you what I know for sure: there’s a thread that ties all your experiences together. They’re not random. Not a single experience you’ve had was a waste, or worth your regret. It is all taking you in the direction of living your purpose. And I can show you where you are on that journey right now, and exactly what you need to do to take the path to your highest potential.

The Fine Print: Because I’m results oriented, I guide only committed and courageous souls, who feel an urgency inside to figure this life out and push the limits of how far they can go + who understand that self evolution is the only way to get there. Want to know more about me and what I can do for you?

Rise and shine as your True Self,

Shawn  xo

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