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Hi, I’m Shawn.

I’m an intuitive guide.

Are you interested in getting answers about your life journey? Your purpose, your doorways of possibility, your patterns of self-sabotage, what you’re learning, what will make you truly happy, how to build your highest vision, what you need to do right now to take you in the direction of your highest potential, and most fulfilling life?

My expertise is channelling guidance on your life journey from your higher self that empowers you to live your purpose and potential a lot faster.

I work specifically with motivated thinkers/doers/dreamers who feel internally driven to live their potential as their authentic selves, and who are already on a path of self awareness/self-actualization.

Sure you can get there yourself, eventually. But I’m a shortcut.

I provide the big-picture context and guidance, specific tools and ongoing support you need to experience life-changing breakthroughs and results. Your part of the bargain is to consistently use these tools and record your results, so you’ll see your own trajectory.

The core of my work is reconnecting you with the guiding power of your True Self, so you avoid wasting time, money and energy going down the wrong paths…and so you can live a joyful, fulfilling life a lot faster.

There’s a thread that ties all your experiences together. They’re not random. Not a single experience you’ve had was a waste, or worth your regret. It is all taking you in the direction of living your purpose. And I can show you where you are on that journey right now, and exactly what you need to do to take the path to your highest potential.

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Rise and shine as your True Self,

Shawn  xo