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This is who I help…


  • WHY am I here?
  • WHERE should I focus?
  • WHAT is my purpose?
  • HOW can I live it?
  • WHEN will I know I’m on the right track?

YOU NEED TOOLS. How about…

  • a Roadmap of Your Life Purpose, including your superpower and kryptonite,
  • a Life Purpose Statement that you can refer to every day to stay laser-focused and
  • a Framework that makes it easier to understand where you should invest your time?


So do I. Read my cred. Read my testimonials. I’ve put in more than my 10,000 hours. Your results matter to me because I’m a changemaker too. By helping you, I impact thousands more than I ever could alone. My purpose in life is to get changemakers focused on theirs, because that’s how we’re going to change the world together.


I only work with people who are ready to take full responsibility for their own life story. It’s not easy to live your life purpose. It takes guts. It takes initiative. If you’re ready and willing to do what it takes, including explore your life story with me, I can help you understand everything you need to know to reach your highest potential.

ARE YOU READY? Awesome. Let’s do this thing.

For 8 years I’ve been stressed, thinking I went backwards. Now I can see how it all fits together. Shawn gave me clarity. She showed me that we all have a unique toolbox, but we don’t understand what the tools are or what to do with them. Now I know what they are, what they do and where I got them from. How can you build a house if you don’t even know what tools you have and how to use them? Now that I know, I feel happy and relieved.

—Sonia Molodecky, LLB, President, Equilibria

Surprise Benefits

This is the love of my life. We have the most beautiful, real, supportive, sexy relationship I’ve ever experienced. This is us in Nicaragua. And…yes I have a point. The reason our relationship rocks is not luck or fate. It’s because of the deep understanding I’ve developed of myself and my life story. When I didn’t understand these things, I specialized in emotionally unavailable men. Ouch. So, if you don’t have the love of your life yet (or you’d like to make your current relationship better), subscribe to my free newsletter now and start learning what you need to know about yourself to make it happen (and to live your highest potential, of course–which is always nicer with company). Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

“Comforting, eye-opening and life-shifting. You know things about yourself and you ask questions, but Shawn can see those things from a big-picture angle and show you what she sees. She’s able to gently tap into and emotionally interpret things that were crucial to your survival that help explain who you are and why you do what you do—and bring you back to yourself. At the end you’ll have a different view of your life—how you do things and why you do them. It will shift the way you do things. And it’s all encompassing—not just your job, but your life. It has to be, in order to get what you truly want.” Read More

—Natalie Fasan, Architect & Project Manager

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